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Warmbells Holly Tanglepaws has an award for any animal charity site that is provided and maintained by a supporter of that charity.
We also have an award for a Caring site and a site whose owner has Adopted a Rescue Animal.

Warmbells Supporters Site Award Warmbells Caring Site Award
Supporters Site Caring Site

Warmbells Thankyou For Rescueing Award
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Award Criteria

Supporters Site Award
The site applying must be promoting an animal charity, shelter or rescue organization and must be provided and maintained by a supporter or supporters of the charity, shelter or organization.
No commercially run site need apply unless donating the site to the charity.
25 points scored.
Caring Site Award
This will be given to a site that shows it is a caring site either for humans or animals. The site can be either a personal or a commercial endeavour.
25 points scored.
Rescued Animal Award
This will be given to a site whose owner has adopted an animal from an animal sanctuary, shelter or rescue centre.
25 points scored.
It would be a nice gesture if the following banner is displayed somewhere on their site, either linked to a local rescue centre or to us.
Rescue Animals Banner

For all awards applicants must be over thirteen years of age (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), there must be no pornography, obscene language, cruelty or racism and they must be viewable by all ages. A reasonable amount of effort must have been put into the site, single pages will not be accepted.
5 points scored.

The site must be in English. Spelling and grammar should be reasonably correct. No more than 3 broken or incorrect links will be accepted.
10 points scored.

The home page should take no longer than 30 seconds to download (I will allow for web conditions) and I should be able to reach any page in no more than 3 clicks.
5 points scored.

Your site should be cross browser compatible (I will check) and if sound is present I must be able to switch it off.
5 points scored.

Any content which is not original should be credited to its owner.
A minimum of 40 points needs to be scored for the awards.
The award must be displayed on your site, if you do not intend to display the award please do not apply.
If you remove the award from your site for any reason or your site closes please inform me at the email address below so I can remove the link to your site from the winners list.
All applying sites will be visited within 7 days and checked for suitability. Notification will be within 14 days of receipt of the application.

Please Complete The Form and send it to us.

Please DO NOT use the Enter key whilst entering data.


The webmasters computer is protected by KeyScrambler when visiting web sites. Is yours?

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Last updated on 20 August, 2018